Falling in love with numbers using Programming!

confused-6Ever wondered why its so hard to love our multiplication tables? Well its because we can’t relate to them. There is really no context or patterns that we can visually see in multiplication tables.fiveAlive

Kedar knows his tables really well thanks to some interesting math education I discovered called ‘Vedic Math’.  This is an ancient system of mathematics which originated in India and is geared towards rapid mental calculations. Interestingly NASA uses it for their advanced computing, but the good news is that it is not hard! My 6 year old loves it and so will your kids. I bought a book to help him discover math using patterns. The book is called “Figuring the Joy of Numbers” by Shakuntala Devi.  Here is a fun project he created in Scratch using the pattern seen in the 8 multiplication tables given in the book.

This game is part of our effort to share the joy of mathematics and programming in support of a wonderful initiative by Mind Research Institute to make Math FUN for kids of all ages. If you live in Chicago, please do not miss the fun opportunity to visit the Math Fair on September 26th 2015. Here are the details – http://www.mindresearch.org/mathfair/

In the meantime please enjoy your 8 tables with Jiji – the Penguin, some music and dance 🙂


JiJi Multipli-Cake Dance

1.oneExplanation of the Game


2. Detailed explanation for the Code that created the Gametwo

3kablam-Number-Animals-2. Enjoy the Game on the Scratch Site:  https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/71867456/