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Wondering how to get started with Coding for your Kids?

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple – Dr Seuss

We have been in your shoes and have you covered…

What? What can I learn from Technology?

Which? – Which Apps/Programs works best for what learning experiments?

How? – How Does this program work? How can I use it to learn more of what I love? Language, arts, music, games, science, math, sports!

Why? – Why should I write code ?

Where? – Where can I use programming to solve problems?

When? – When should I start programming?


We learn most by doing!


What research tells us about Learning and retention is no different from our personal experience with our 5 year old when we started him on his coding journey!  ‘Little Code Ninja’ is created to teach young kids and their parents how to have fun with Code! No prior coding experience is required! 

Audio Visual Tools

Coding doesnt feel like a sit down serious lesson, rather a fun adventure to various lands where we solve problems! This is what fascinates young kids – STORIES!!! We have learned that if we can tell a good story with learning something NEW weaved into it, Kids remember it for a long long time! We create a lot of fun filled vidoes which tell a story and weave the concept of Coding right in. So learning is Fun & Play!

Code Scripts

We also realized that our son found it easy to follow a copy than go back and forth on an video tutorial. He was a avid reader from a young age – thanks to colorful stories 🙂 Every coding lesson has a story with scripts attached. The scripts are visual and help the kid and the parent understand why we are doing what we do? It takes care of a lot of questions that my son had when he was learning something new! Teaching language or Math is easy because we have learned it in school, but code is not everyone’s comfort. Well, now it is! We have made it possible with explanatory scripts and screen shots and simple language so your young reader can still grasp the logic and sequence and you can help them understand it too!


What is learning without some exciting Games? We retain most of what we learn, when we have fun! Each script helps your kids CREATE something fun and new that they can personalize and play! Join us to play with CODE and get your Kids’ creative juices flowing…


We are learning hackers, we make what we cant find! 

We started Little Code Ninja to help parents like us to hack the learning ladder for young Kids when it comes to Programming. We felt a deep passion to help KIDS find answers to become CREATIVE problem solvers from a young age! We did not find any AUDIO VISUAL resources that will help kids learn to CODE in a fun way and so we decided to MAKE it!!! We see technology as an accelerator to nurture young thinkers, dreamers and inventors of the future.

@Pittsburgh Maker Faire by Larry Rippel

Kedar & Uma @Pittsburgh Maker Faire 2015 by Larry Rippel

Hi, I am Anita Narayan (prefer if you call me UMA) ! We are a Mom-son team based out of Pennsylvania. My Son Kedar & I discovered ‘MIT Scratch- a free programming platform for kids’ last year as a fun tool to explore ‘Problem Solving’, and needless to say we are hooked! My 6 year old is an extreme learner and enjoys pretend teach everything he learns. We find it fascinating that he retains a lot more when he uses this approach. We noticed that he does best with Audio-visual lessons which focus on the “WHY, WHAT, HOW of the topic he is learning. And YES, he wants to experiment with everything!!!

As a parent it is difficult to support our kids on a topic which we are not familiar with, however programming is fast becoming the speaking langauge of the new generation. Voila! We identified a problem which we feel ready to solve using our own learning journey.

We are starting ‘Little Code Ninja’ as an outcome to accelarete our Coding journey and share the insights we are continously gaining in the process, with our fellow programming enthusiasts  – YOU!!!

 Thank you for visiting our virtual home! We welcome you to join our Coding adventures! Keep creating, make memories, have fun 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

 We love to hear from you! Keep in touch with us uma@littlecodeninja.com