Dr’s Suess imaginative thinking and funny words of wisdom stand tall in our hearts (well literally, since we stuck his quotes on our stairs :)) and enjoy singing them everyday!!!  You see it goes really well with our family’s motto which is to “Smile, Giggle  Be Silly!”  Kedar & I wanted to bring the same joy to our favorite thing in the world! Programming!!! So we decided to make our own little funny words and pictures. While I come up with the rhymes, Kedar gives them life with his animation! Hope you enjoy them and use it to fly your imagination wild! Up, up and away to the sky with a little bit of programming!

1.11.2016  Today is your day!

1.10.2016 Code is always in style

1.9.2016 I give you a dare

1.8.2016 Born to Code

1.7.2016 Talent comes in many a shape & size

1.6.2016 Playing video games is not enough

1.5.2016 Code & Create, Create & Code

1.4.2016 Code makes you drool

1.3.2016 Super Code Kid

1.2.2016 A coder is a coder, no matter how tall!

1.1.2016 Shine 🙂