Why Code?


It doesn’t matter what they are interested in.

Make your kids shine, have them learn to Code…


I really enjoy Art. It would be cool to be a designer. I don’t know yet, whether I will take my art to buildings, websites, clothes, business, animation or galleries? If I learn how to take my art to the computer, my possibilities are endless! The best part – Its my passion & its so much fun! Coding is a fantastic way to expand my art and I can’t wait to try it!

executiveI love PROJECTS! All sorts of them. The other day Mom & I tried the “Hour of Code” at our Local library and it was awesome! We did music, art, math and language all using Code! I can’t wait to go to a Code Camp with my friend this Summer! I really want to set up a Computer Science Club in my school. Maybe I can help Daddy or Mommy with their work if I learn about computers?

I can’t help but stare at the dish washer! Its so cool! I wonder how it works? How does water not leak? How does it spin inside with all the wobbly dishes without dropping any of them? Wish there is a peep hole to see whats going on inside! I hear “Code” will teach me how things work, that will be fun! I can do it for hours without getting bored.

I love food! One day I will open a really cool restaurant. Mine will have birthday parties all the time! And cool video games for sure! Better still I want to create cool gadgets that can be remote started to bake bread or make pasta while people are still at work! How about a super veggie cutting machine that can finish all the prep work when I key in a recipe? I cant wait to learn coding…

I love Doc McStuffins. I want to be a doctor for people’s pet animals someday! Then I can save all the fishes in my tank from dying. Will Code help me write programs to monitor my fish tank so I can find out if any of my fishes are not eating properly when I am at school? Or when I need to change the water? Sometimes I feel like my Dog misses me when I am in school, can I write Code that will talk to him when I am away?

Chess is the same as playing baseball. The smarter the player, the better his game! Its the same with coding. Its not just for programmers, anybody can use it to learn , create or solve a problem! If the computer can be taught Chess and beat us humans to it, why cant we learn Computers and find solutions to problems that beat the world?

I love to teach & I love to play ! Maybe I will coach other kids? I hear that coaches use a lot of ‘DATA’ to make decisions. What if someday, i can create a tool that will analyse all the data as the game is going on and give me the recommendations! I dont want to look so stressed and angry like the other coaches do on TV. I just want to inspire my team all the time!

I love my teacher and so I want to be one too! But then, I really dont want to do all the writing and math. Maybe I can create machines which will do all that for me if I just talk to it. I really want to collaborate with the best teachers in the world so I can teach my class with awesome tools. I think technology will help.

Can you really go to work and play video games all day? That sounds really awesome! I can even teach people all the tricks that I know – does that make me a teacher or a loser? I hear people created games to cure themselves of their brain tumors? How cool is that? I want to do something useful with it someday!

Wow! If only other kids can see what I see under the microscope! I wonder what kind of results everyone is getting with their experiments? What if we could all share our findings? Then we can all try different things. I can create a database of everyone’s experiments in school,so we can create a cool library of results with it!

Music is so fun and there are so many different things to try. I love my online lessons, I never lose them and my brother cant tear my music sheet! When I was at the Maker Faire, I saw people plugging wires into bananas and apples to make a Piano! How cool is that?!? I cant wait to invent something really fun with music.


Today fashion is more about design than about material. Design has endless possibilities when used with technology! With 3D printing technology material has many dimensions! Learn to code. Like a good pair of jeans you can use it over and over again! It will never go to waste…


Who said you cant do sports if you dont have legs? I can teach other kids not only how to run a marathon on bionic legs, I will teach people who are interested in making them too! Human Robots have changed my life, it couldnt have happened without Code!

Create infinite possibilities, Learn to Code. Right NOW!